Kosrentaboat is a family owned business with a long maritime history. Michael and his three daughters run the business and couldn’t be happier enjoying the benefits of spending time by the sea. Of course, like every true seafarer, Michael has his own story and it goes way back! His father and uncles used to work in Κοs’ shipyard during the 50’s. Later on, they became active in Australia operating speed boats. 

Michael himself has been driving and dealing with boats since he was a child and his three daughters seem to be more than willing to carry on the tradition. And heck, can you blame them?

For the rest of us, boat trips are all about dips in the water, getting stunning tans in the warm sun, swimming and spending carefree time with our families. For them, riding the waves under the Mediterranean sun is just another day at the office! 

During their countless boat trips scanning the Aegean, they have discovered the most incredible destinations the area has to offer, so feel free to ask for recommendations. Oh, and Michael could even be the captain on your trip! If you are lucky enough to have him onboard, you will get to hear the family’s nautical story firsthand. If not, worry not! The whole family is always at your disposal and can be reached immediately for emergencies or more details.