By far the most alternative island in the Dodecanese! Approximately 18.9 nautical miles away from Kos, Nisyros is a pristine destination formed by volcanic eruptions. Strolling along the narrow streets of Mandraki - the island’s capital and port - is a richly rewarding experience. You should definitely visit the volcano, which gives Nisyros that incredible energy! The surrounding scenery is awe-inspiring! Although less known compared to others, it’s the only volcano in Greece you can actually walk into (basically onto) its crater. Mind the smell of sulfur - it’s powerful as you approach the caldera. The island also hosts a popular camping spot, attracting people from all over Greece.

Beaches in Nisyros are mostly rocky, with black pebbles or sand, which is common near volcanoes. Nothing compares to the sound of black volcanic pebbles rolling down the shore, as the waves retreat. Plus, the sea is crystal clear! Nisyros is still an active volcanic centre along with the centres of Milos, Santorini and Methana. 

Gyali, which is  3 nautical miles away from Nisyros and about 16 nautical miles away from Kos, is a small islet boasting some of the area's prettiest waters. The island is mostly known for its massive quantities of pumice deposits. Should you decide to take your boat on to the next islet of Agios Antonios, you’ll feel like heaven on earth. Swimming into the Aegean navy blue waters is once again, highly recommended!

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