Therma is yet another diamond in the rough. The truly worth visiting geothermal hot springs bring about an intense smell of sulfur, revealing Kos’s volcanic nature that stretches back into prehistory. Therma beach offers a natural spa experience: a natural hot spring flows down to meet the Aegean, forming a sort of sea-pool where hot water mixes with seawater. In fact, the water temperature ranges between 42 - 50 degrees Celsius (100 - 120 Fahrenheit)! Why not reach this impressive sight by boat and have some extra fun riding the waves?

Agia Irini is located between Therma and Kardamena and is a part of Kos only reachable through the sea. The so-called underground monastery of Agia Irini, actually a small chapel dedicated to St. Irini, is located a few kilometers southwest of the thermal springs (Therma). You’ll find a tiny, stony, beach surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky masses; a wild, isolated and imposing landscape at the foot of Mount Dikaios.

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